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Storm Damage Testimonials

I had a grey water/sewage back up in my home from a flash flood.  I called the first company I found on Google (not SERVPRO).  They came out and what a  nightmare.  They gave me incorrect information, they rushed me to make a decision and I just felt uneasy.  I sent them away and when I contacted my State Farm agent he recommended SERVPRO of Woodland Hills.  What a difference. Professional, honest, explained things clearly, did an awesome job with both the clean up and restoration.  Most importantly they were people I felt I could trust 100% to be honest and provide excellent quality of work.  When your house is flooding and your home and stuff is being ruined. its stressful and you feel very vulnerable.  I am so glad someone directed me to Servo Pro and would highly recommend them to anyone.  
George Kappas, Woodland Hills, CA.

I highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone going through a disaster in their home...they will help you and take care of you, so you can take care of the other millions of things you need to do!. Thank you SERVPRO!

We had some storm damage in our garage and SERVPRO was here in no time.  24 Hour service means 24 hour service.  Thanks!

This company is what an Emergency repair service is meant to be. They helped us through our horrible experience with knowledge and compassion.

When the fire storm happened we had no idea what to do. There was smoke damage and soot over everything that wasn't burnt. SERVPRO came and took care of everything. Dealt with the insurance company, packed our belongings, and moved us out while the repairs were done. They moved everything back after and unpacked it. What a relief to have SERVPRO there to help us.

What a fantastic job you did! I am telling everyone that I can SERVPRO is the best!